Business Improvement Area

      Why A Business Improvement Area
    Our business community must unite to ensure the continued and improved vitality of the City of Hoquiam. We must raise funds to allow us to address issues like safety, cleanliness, and business retention. A Business Improvement Area provides a way for our businesses to support their own growth.

    Members of the BIA Formation Committee, all of whom are your business peers, are available to visit you personally in order to answer any questions you may have. This program is designed for your benefit, and your support for this exciting new campaign is needed and will be greatly appreciated.

      What is a BIA?
    The BIA is a self-initiated Business Improvement Program funded by an annual benefit fee based on a formula. All business people in the BIA stand to directly benefit to a much greater extent than what their annual fee is.

      What a BIA does for you?
    The formation of a BIA is one of the most popular means of financing traditional business district revitalization efforts. The history and success of dozens of BIAs throughout the state provide excellent examples of the benefits and virtues of this economic development program. In fact, Aberdeen has had a Business Improvement Area in place since 2010!

      What are the Benefits of BIA?
  • A BIA unifies all businesses to work toward a common goal – an economically vital Business District.
  • A BIA mitigates retail sales leakage by allowing our area to compete more effectively for regional business though the generation of greater marketing resources and strengths.
  • A BIA supports businesses in the area through commercial recruitment, retention, and promotion.
  • A BIA creates a strong, unified voice to represent business interests to local government agencies.
  • A BIA helps fund projects as suggested by business owners.

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